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15 Study TIPS to prepare your IELTS exam

It is important that you know that you must prepare properly. Studying is a personal and exciting process. The time invested will pay off, as long as perseverance and discipline are part of your daily learning.

Here is a list of study strategies that will help you present each of the sections of the exam:

Know the format of the exam
It is important that you know in advance the format of the exam so that you establish study goals . Remember that the exam consists of 4 sections: reading, speaking, writing, and listening .

Stay awake and energized
It is important that every day you maintain a positive attitude and remember the reason why you decided to certify yourself. Make it fun and diversify your study!

Make a list of your materials
Make sure you have everything you need at hand. It is always useful to have near didactic material such as exercise books, encyclopedias and dictionaries. In addition to your computer , it is advisable to write your doubts in a notebook and use colors to exercise your memory.

Effective schedules
It is not about spending 4 hours a day in front of books trying to learn by osmosis. Create schedules to distribute your study effectively . Also, time your exercises and make sure you know the times of each section of the exam.

Look for online exercises
On the Internet, there are many exercises to review your grammar and spelling . Do not despair if you do not find what you are looking for specifically. Try to learn as much as you can without spending too much time browsing, instead of studying.

Learn new words
With the help of a dictionary , learn new words at random. Each day you can learn and use one or two different words. You will increase your vocabulary and you will always have interesting conversation topics.

Learn and transcribe songs
The music is a fascinating way to learn a language better. Listening to and transcribing the lyrics of your favorite artists will help you to know contractions of certain words or less common uses of certain expressions.

Watch movies in English, with and without subtitles
Similarly, when you watch a movie or a series, guide yourself with the subtitles to exercise your hearing. On the other hand, you will review the correct spelling of the words you hear.

Join a conversational group
Around the world there are people who know how to speak English. Find a new group of friends from another country to practice. There is always someone who can speak English who can help you improve.

Create stories and write them
The skills of understanding and interpreting information are very important to present the exam. Be creative and let your imagination flow.

Practice makes perfect
Review what you learned and put it into practice immediately : perseverance makes the teacher.

Keep calm
Learning English is a long process that requires many hours a week and a tremendous passion. Relax and have fun when you learn.

Making mistakes is fine
It is very important that you know that making a mistake is fine . Knowing the mistakes you are making will prevent you from repeating them during the exam.

Read your favorite novel in English
From children’s books to long and complex academic essays, reading in English is one of the most fascinating activities that exist. If you have already read a book in Spanish, try to read it in English: it will be a totally new experience !

Make friends from other countries
Taking a walk, going to the movies or just talking is more interesting when you live with a person from a different culture . If you are lucky enough to meet someone from another country, offer to guide him and explain more about what you know.